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Shipped out the books to the Goodreads giveaway winners
I shipped out the books to the winners on Saturday. I realized that opening the giveaway up to international contestants could become a big expense: $13.00 for shipping to Canada and 18.95 for shipping to the UK vs $3.11 for shipping within the USA. Yet, I think it was important to get the book some additional exposure abroad. My first two reviews came from the UK; and the book has been selling rather well there. I've also made some friends in Australia. So, I wanted to test the waters in that country. Canada was the other predominantly English-speaking country I wanted to test. But I had no idea that shipping a book to Canada would be so expensive.

I can see why many authors restrict their Goodreads giveaways to domestic markets. In the future, I may save on shipping costs by restricting the autographed copies to domestic contestants and ship the international copies straight from the Lulu, which operates internationally.

In the overall scheme of everything, it's small potatoes. These relatively minor expenses are nothing compared to the time and effort it takes to write a novel. I have to look at it this way. Either I make these small investments myself to put my book in the public eye, or it sits unread on a shelf waiting for someone else to take the risk. No one else is going to run that risk for me.

I'm ready to run the risk; because I'm not writing books to make money, though selling books is always a positive thing! It's the reality of writing and the drive to share what I've written that drives me. An old expression comes to mind; but, for a writer, 'in for a penny, in for a pound' is rather 'in for a pound, in for a penny.' I've already made the biggest investment of all, my time. I know the same is true for musicians, and probably just about any other creative type. I'm spending a lot of time writing for my own peace of mind (and sometimes enjoyment), putting it out there as best I can (with modest, calculated expenditures), and either my books gain traction or not. I can't help but write what I write. Moreover, I can't help but put it out there and try to make money at it.

Thanks to all of you who are supporting me in this venture. At first, I was going to say "don't try this at home if you can help it;" because the odds of making a respectable income from writing fiction (especially the stuff I write) are very low. But, then, I thought more about it and decided the experience is already rewarding, no matter where it leads.

If you read or have read Acetone Enema or The Torture of Girth, please help me by writing your honest review(s) of the book(s) on Goodreads and/or Amazon. Maybe you'll help me sell a few more books. In the end, I think the whole endeavor is more about sharing what I've written, and finally getting reactions from people...probably the biggest reason I write in the first place.




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