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Free Acetone Enema Ebook Giveaway Next Week/Brewing 10 Gallons of Cream Ale Tomorrow
The free promotion will run from June 10th-June 14th. This is the first time I have ever run a free promotion on Amazon. So, it will be a new experience for me. I've held back, because I didn't want to give anything away without having something else to sell. For that matter, I didn't even think about running a discounted promo until I published The Torture of Girth. Acetone Enema will be what they call a lead book. Hopefully, people who enjoy Acetone Enema will buy The Torture of Girth. Of course, that's the hope. What I've read more recently suggests that free promotions are pretty much always a good idea. It makes sense in my experience and by introspecting.

There are people who will go to almost any length to get things for free. Those people will find them in abundance. I won't ever lose a sale on them by giving the book away. After all, why buy my book when they could download another one for free? Sales copy can be compelling; but, face it, we're all jaded. They may never encounter my book or read my pitch; and, if they do, so what? It couldn't be compelling enough to entice them to pay to take a chance on me. If they read my book, I may win some of them over. They may buy my next book. If they talk about my book or review it, they'll do me a great service by putting the book in front of more people who may be in the purchasing window when the book is selling for $2.99.

Some people will only buy whatever they like on their own timeline. Something looks interesting; and they buy it before they forget about it, whether or not it is free or discounted, or what-have-you. They follow their gut instincts. They'll give the book a try and cut their losses if it doesn't pan out. Either they don't have time for coupon clipping or it's just not their thing. It's a zen thing. The odds of them running into my book while I happen to be giving it away for free are pretty slim.

Still, others won't even look at anything that doesn't come with a lot of balanced reviews. They aren't looking to buy something on a lark or even download something for free. Unless I can put the book in front of a lot of people and amass a lot of reviews, they'll never take a chance on my book.They don't download free ebooks.

This is the reason many authors immediately do free promotions. Ultimately, I'm doing the same thing, only rolling it out with more restraint. As writers, we practice a lot of restraint from the start. By the time we publish our books we're ready to go. Of course, it's easy to lose sight of many crucial things in the process. We need to practice even more restraint. It's a long way to love. This is why I think brewing my own beer has helped me.

Did I mention that I'm brewing 10 gallons of Cream Ale tomorrow? I've been brewing beer for six or seven years now. The craft has taught me practical restraint, which spills over into how I approach writing and selling my books these days.

Since I haven't quit my day job, time is on my side. Better that I do it right than do it right now. Hurry up and wait. I think we could all use a little more practice.

That's all for now. It's time to add the yeast to the starter wort in the Erlenmeyer flasks I've been chilling for the last two hours. Nothing is immediate with brewing. We'll have Cream Ale for the 4th of July (as well as a few other things I've had in the works for several months)!



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