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My 3-and-a-Half-Year-Old Son Wanted to Sit in a $4-$5K Massage Chair at Costco Last Weekend...
My son climbed up into the chair and was looking for the remote control. I found it sitting on the back of the chair and handed it to him. My son understands how to work remote controls. He doesn't suck or chew on them. He's almost four years old. But he loves massage chairs. There is a massage pad at home, which he calls "The Tickler."

I can't imagine that my son will find a button on the controller that will destroy the chair. For $5K, there had better not be any such button on the remote control.

Suffice it to say that my son is ready to have a bit of fun. Maybe Daddy will sit in the chair next to him and give the extremely expensive chair a spin. Of course, I'm skeptical. I don't routinely spend $5k on a single chair.

Anyways, as soon as I hand the remote control to my son, some sales guy rushes up behind me as if I'm some idiot child, saying "Don't just hand it to him!" with that scolding tone of voice.

I did not engage the man who was trying to sell these apparently fragile, preposterous chairs (unsuccessfully). I simply turned my attention to my son; and quietly told him we should leave. And we left.

The chair should have a special attachment, just for that guy. Maybe it does. Perhaps, that's why he's so covetous of it.


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