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Second Goodreads Giveaway Results
This time, I gave away 10 books on Goodreads, hoping to put my book in the hands of some extreme horror fans. Initially, I was excited that more horror fans were signing up for the giveaway. Within the first week or two of the giveaway, I was very pleased with the mix of people who had entered the contest. Many of the entrants were Stephen King fans. It seemed that my warning had frightened off some of the people who weren't really into extreme horror. But, during the last two weeks of the giveaway, hundreds of new people entered the giveaway; and I couldn't see how many of the new entrants would necessarily get into my extreme horror novel, based on other books they had rated. I've clearly warned them with my description. So, I should remain open-minded. Some of them may really enjoy the novel. They could be looking for something really different; and my novel is very different from the standard fare.

In the end, there were 500 entries and none of the horror fans who entered in the first week or two of the giveaway won. While I am disappointed that the best matches didn't win, I am happy to get my book into more hands. And no one can say that I didn't warn them. In this final round of my giveaway, I have given everyone a Badi2d/ bumper sticker; and I have put a postcard into 4 of the envelopes.

So far, it seems I have built some momentum for the novel. I have given away 20 print copies of The Torture of Girth; and I did a giveaway of Acetone Enema, which put 378 copies of the Acetone Enema ebook in circulation.

I am seeing multiple sales/borrows of my books on Amazon each week; and I have sold hundreds of dollars worth of books since March. But I have been putting hundreds of dollars into marketing the book via giveaways and a book launch event. So far this year, I am breaking even. I know I need to make a splash to spread the word; so, for now, I'm putting everything back into promoting the book.

I still have several reviews in the pipeline. I have solicited dozens of reviews from pinpointed sites; and a handful of those sites have agreed to review the novel. Yet, I can't tell how many of them will materialize. We're months past the dates I've been promised on every single site that agreed to review the book. But I know so many of them are overwhelmed.

If you've read my novel, please write an honest review. Your review will help my sales, good or bad. People will take your opinions as they will.

So far, I haven't landed any reviews from my first 5-book giveaway. But, to be fair, my novel is a long one. So, I should take a long view and be patient. Only time will tell how everything will pan out in the end.

I'll keep you posted.

For now, here's the stats on the last group of ten Goodreads winners. I'll send their copies off this weekend.

F48grovetownGAghost, drama
M48AtlantaGALiterary fiction, thrillers
F53Des moinesIa?
F?KapoleiHIFiction, Paranormal, Ebooks


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