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Thinking Better of the Goodreads Winners/ Kegged a Rye IPA/ Taking Up the Anglo Concertina
I was originally disappointed with the winners of my latest Goodreads drawing for my extreme horror novel; but I think I've changed my mind. While it is a mystery to me how some of them landed on my novel, I've taken a closer look at some of them. I can see how about half of them genuinely wanted to win my book. At first, I thought these must all be the ones who enter every contest, hoping to win something/anything; but I've noticed how some entered the drawing to win my novel while entering none of the other hundreds of drawings they could have entered. That means my novel resonated with them in some way. So, on further investigation, I'm thrilled and flattered. One of the winners is currently reading Naked Lunch. One of them seems to be fond of Richard Laymon. The others read my book description and took the plunge! BRAVO! I can only hope they will help other people make up their minds about the book. They are in a unique position to do so!

I touched base with two bloggers who said they would review my book in May. I've heard back from one of them. She said I haven't been forgotten. I haven't heard back from the other one yet. A third blogger had contacted me last month, asking for more time because a family member had passed away. Anyways, I've confirmed that at least two more professional reviews are in the pipeline. But there's no ETA. They're not on my payroll; so, they'll get to it when they get to it.

Last weekend, I kegged up a Cascadian Rye IPA with a friend of mine. We drank as much as possible; and he left with his keg. My keg is sitting awkwardly in the middle of my living room at room temperature until I can bleed one of the other kegs in the kegerator to make room for it there.

Besides that, I have ordered an Anglo Concertina, which is essentially a super deluxe harmonica with bellows. I've wanted to play this instrument since I was a child learning the merits of saying please and thank you. My parents thought I wanted to play the accordian; but I really wanted to play the concertina. I never took up the accordian. I was looking for something else. I just never knew what to call it.

I wait with baited breath. I'm like a child again waiting for this fantastic instrument to arrive.


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