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Acetone Enema Kindle Countdown 1st Day
My Acetone Enema book deal started yesterday at 8AM. My Amazon ranking improved immediately; but I believe that was from someone borrowing my sales were reported for the first day of the $0.99 promotion. Since I'm not a marketing robot, I find the results moderately discouraging. In the past, I had achieved some good first day results by sharing the promotion through Read Cheaply, amongst other sites. Read Cheaply declined to run my promotion this time, perhaps because I did a free book promotion 4 months ago. Unless you're in it for the long haul like I am, there's nowhere to go from free. Of course, it isn't all about a race to the bottom. I would hope I've built some equity over the past several months by releasing an extreme sci-fi/horror novel and a new Invisible Children's Book Instruction Manual with rave reviews.

Perhaps, I have grazed all the grass I can graze in some of these old haunts. If the sites aren't exploding, they are bound to see diminishing returns from any particular listing. While I am disappointed, I can appreciate the reality of these marketing efforts.

My hope is that people will spread word about my writing organically, and that word of mouth will get my name around. Some months I see accelerated sales; and it looks like I'm going somewhere. Other months, I see precious few sales, regardless what I do.

What I take away from all of it is that one simply must stay the course. Only time will tell what is truly important.

This weekend, I'll use a Facebook Ad credit to test the waters with Facebook. Stay tuned for the results.



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