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Day 1 Results of Facebook Advertising Campaign for Acetone Enema $0.99 Promo
So, the first 24 hours of results for my Facebook promo ad seem to be set. I set my Facebook ad to start last night at 10:57PM CST; and I'm running the campaign for 5 days total with a budget of $5 per day. So far, my ad has seen 1,392 impressions on Facebook, mainly as news feed impressions on mobile devices. There were 6 news feed impressions on desktop computers and 53 right column ads on desktop computers. So far, the ad has seen 8 clicks from 6 people and the cost per click comes in at $0.75 per click. From the click-through data and pricing so far, I wouldn't make my money back, even if every click converted to a sale. As of this minute, none of those clicks have converted to sales; and it would seem that my experiment has been a failure, thus far. But that's taking a short view.

Almost never does one impression of any ad persuade me to do anything that involves pulling out my wallet on the spot. I know I can't expect my ad to work miracles, even with a clown selling the book. I've exposed my ad to over a thousand (crudely) demographically targeted people in just one day; and I understand that it may take people a while to warm up to me with a title like Acetone Enema.

While I was originally discouraged by the click-through rate, it's actually not disastrous at 0.556%. One would expect somewhere between 0.4% and 2.0% for any respectable ad. So, it turns out to be a respectable ad somehow.

Ironically, the month of October has been a tough month for me sales-wise. One would think horror-comedy books would do great throughout the month of October because of Halloween. But, of course, Acetone Enema is not a Halloween book. It doesn't bring to mind bags full of candy or any of the other stuff one would take comfort in this month. The competition for horror dollars is fierce. The Halloween marketing machines are oiled-up and out in full-force.

Last month, I was selling books most days. This month, I've gone up to five days at a time without selling any books at all. And, then, three of the precious few books I've sold this month have been purchases of my Invisible Children's Book Instruction Manual, which I have barely begun to market.

I can only hope that my marketing efforts will pay some dividends in the coming months and years. I like all the data I'm getting from Facebook about the performance of my ad; and it's giving me a lot of affordable exposure. I simply must accept that I may not sell gobs of books this month, despite my marketing efforts.

I'm getting it out there. That's no small feat.


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