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Journal of an Extreme Horror Writer

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Facebook Advertising Campaign for Acetone Enema $0.99 Promo Results
I was somewhat baffled by this promotion. I targeted the Facebook ad at men interested in horror and rock n roll, ages 18-50. Over the 7-day Kindle Countdown promo, no one purchased a single copy of Acetone Enema for $0.99. Facebook created over 7,000 ad impressions over 5 days, with a satisfactory click-through rate of 0.4% (meaning 4/10 of 1%, which I've read is respectable for any ad). I sold just one copy of my novel, The Torture of Girth. One person borrowed Acetone Enema and another borrowed The Torture of Girth. One person added Acetone Enema as "to-read" on Goodreads. I don't know whether any of these events had anything to do with the ad.

As of this posting, the campaign clicks have not seemed to convert to sales. But I can say that over 7,000 people saw the ad in passing. Probably, some percentage of them read the ad; and some percentage of them clicked on it. I didn't have high expectations for direct sales from book ad clicks on Facebook, though I thought the ad would have helped me sell a book or two. Possibly it helped me sell a different book and/or caught the attention of one or more Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

I spent $25.00 of my $50.00 ad credit on this the Acetone Enema $0.99 promotion. Depending on the price tag, I may try to boost a post for my invisible children's book instruction manual...once I have something a little more compelling than a book ad to post.