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Has the Facebook Ad Helped Sales?
I know the Acetone Enema Facebook ad has given the book some exposure. It is evidenced by an increase in sales of Acetone Enema this month. This month (so far), there have been 4 sales and 5 paid Amazon borrows of the book. Someone borrowed my novel, The Torture of Girth, from Amazon this month. The sales rank of my Invisible Children's Book Instruction Manual ticked up today, meaning that someone has borrowed or purchased it. I've never moved more copies of Acetone Enema in any given month before the Facebook Ad. If it weren't for the Facebook ad credit (of which I have used $25), I would need to sell more books to break even...not many more, though...and next month, my sales could exceed the trial (no-risk) investment. I didn't sell any discounted copies at the advertised discounted price I was promoting; but, in the end, it's better the books are selling for full price. I'll make more money that way.

Every sale is progress. All things being equal, sales beget sales; and, so far, my books tend to sell more books...and more all the time. Here's hoping it stays that way.

I've started writing my next novel. So far, so good!




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