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Invisible Children's Book Instruction Manual Reception
There were just over 3000 impressions of my Invisible Children's Book Instruction Manual ads on Facebook. I paid almost $25 for those impressions. Just two ad images made it through the initial screening. Of the four I started with, I cut one. Facebook cut another one due to too much text. The other two slid under the radar.

I was pushing the print book through as a Christmas gift idea..."The Gift of Imagination." There were no takers as far as I can sales through and no sales of the ebook on Amazon.

I targeted the ad to parents of children under 12. The ebook works as a children's book, because you don't need to hand your child your e-reader. You come to bed with your invisible book instead.

As one reviewer remarked, the book has "kitsch" value to it, which is why it would make a great coffee table book. That's part true. I am a little disappointed by the kitsch classification, because I have found the whole concept to be practical and immensely rewarding. I am partial to it. This is a "do as I do" scenario. I walk the walk. My son and I talk about invisible books most nights. This is an experience I genuinely want to share with other people.

On one hand, the idea behind the book is simple, even obvious. On the other hand, it encourages behavior that many people are programmed to avoid...and not even consider.

I originally priced the ebook at $2.99 to get a 70% royalty (vs 35%) on sales through Amazon. But I've changed my mind. I've just reduced the ebook price to $0.99 in the hope that parents will give it a try with their young children (4 and under works, I know). It should show up at the reduced price within 24 hours. Parents really should give this a try.

The paperback print book is still on sale for $5.99. I can't reduce the print cost. Anyways, for under $10 (with shipping), you can get a physical, giftable copy in your hands from You can get the ebook in minutes. You can gift the ebook, if you like.

Let me know if you have any questions. It's sort of an odd concept; and, of course, it's my pleasure to explain it.


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