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Ebook Giveaways: Day 1 Results
Invisible Children's Book Instruction Manual (ICBIM) and Baby Hunter (BH) each saw some downloads. I spent just $4 promoting Baby Hunter with an ad on Facebook and posted the ad image to some groups on Facebook. I did not submit this offer to any other sites. I am posting my day one results here, so I can come back to them later. When I gave away Acetone Enema on Amazon (my only other free promotion), I saw nearly 250 downloads on the first day. But I had submitted that ebook, at a different time of the year, to a dozen different free sites (some with hundreds or thousands of subscribers who received emails about the deal). It will be interesting to see the results of this campaign over the next four days. I'll post another table of results once this is all over.

For now, here are the day 1 results:



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